Samantha coaches her clients through a well-balanced approach of restoring health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. She starts by making an initial assessment of the client’s current dietary and lifestyle habits to better understand why the client’s symptoms have come about. Educating the client on not only what to eat, but why this should or should not be eaten is crucial. The goal is to fully understand the correct means to a healthy metabolism while achieving it. Metabolism is the chemical process that occurs within a living organism in order to maintain life. This refers specifically to the way the body uses energy at the cellular level. When the cell is given proper fuel as food supplemented with a happy mind, the body is able to function at its optimal level. However, when the energy demands of the body exceed what it is given, the deficit(s) are typically presented as the following: 

  • over or underweight 

  • low or inconsistent energy throughout the day

  • cold feet and hands

  • skin disorders

  • low libido

  • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) 

  • early menopause 

  • amenorrhea or irregular menstrual cycles

  • hormonal issues 

  • digestive/gastrointestinal issues

  • poor sleep quality 

  • food allergies/sensitivities 

  • cholesterol issues

  • hyper/hypothyroid

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis  

  • premature aging

  • hyper/hypoglycemia          

  • difficulty in putting on muscle mass 

Appointment by phone or in-person (60 minutes)

Maybe you're well-oriented in the nutrition and fitness realm but still want some insight. Or perhaps you've got a list of questions that just need answering and thirty minutes won't do. This 60 minute consultation (via facetime or in-person if the location allows it) is perfect for those of you who are still on the fence about what path to take when it comes to bettering your health.



Includes an initial 60-minute assessment via in-person, Skype, or phone call and an additional 30 minute follow up once a month. Emails will be exchanged weekly throughout this period and as frequently as needed beyond that. The client will learn how to log his/her meals and activity while learning how food can effectively better the metabolism and entire system as a whole. The client will be given easy-to-understand instructions and education through various forms of literature provided by Samantha. Given the timeframe, the 6 month package is best-suited for a disciplined, regimented individual.

$1200 in full or $220/month

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Chronological vs. biological age

While time is unchangeable, you are able to shift the body’s energy production to yield the youth hormones and better control the aging process. The nutritional coaching packages will take you through an initial assessment, a strategy for reaching your health goals, and help throughout the entire way. You will learn about specific metrics such as temperature, pulse, energy, and sleep quality, and be taught how to monitor them. You will learn how uniquely you react to food in order to make sustainable changes. We are all the same species, differing by sex, consisting of the same organs that make up an entire system. You will be thoroughly informed as to what foods work best for our species and then zoom in to find what foods work best for YOU

Emily E.

New Orleans, Louisiana

After months of tracking macros and not getting the results I desired, I was happy to stumble upon Prime Nutrition & Training. After meeting with Samantha to discuss her services, I immediately knew that her take on health and nutrition aligned with my own and that we would be a great fit. Samantha taught me so much about nutrition while providing the science to back it up. It was hard at times to trust the process, but I am so glad that I did. Samantha helped me to learn that real food can heal my body and to focus more on building strength as a goal rather than trying to achieve a certain 'look'. Samantha wrote the most killer training programs for me to follow that were both challenging and fun. She helped me to be efficient while at the gym while still getting the best results. With Samantha's help I am the strongest I have ever been while achieving my body fat % goal. Now that I have the tools to manage my own health and fitness, I am moving towards a bulk in order to build more muscle and I am no longer afraid to eat more food in fear that I will gain weight. I can't thank Samantha enough for guiding me through this process and helping me to understand how to listen to my body and give it what it needs. 

Roman C.

New Orleans, Louisiana

When I started with Samantha I was overweight and unsatisfied with my physique.  During the first 3 months of her program, we spent a lot of time getting rid of my poor habits and establishing new more healthy ones.  Not only does Samantha tell you what and what not to eat but she does an amazing job explaining why.  Her availability as a nutrition consultant and attention to detail made me feel like she really cared about my results.  I could send her an email at any time and she would get back to me promptly making my fat loss journey much less worrisome.  She was always in my corner.  Over the final 3 months of her program, when she had seen that my habits were in order and I was treating my body and overall health with respect, she adjusted my caloric and macronutrient intake and I felt more energetic, my digestion was better, and and the weight started to fall right off!  By the end of our contract, I had lost 14 pounds of fat!  My journey didn't end there, I took the knowledge that she imparted to me and have carried it into my everyday life and now l feel proud of the way I look and have been empowered by the knowledge and tools to stay fit and healthy for life.  Thank you Samantha!! 

Alexis Ambeau

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I have known Samantha personally for a couple of years now and have always admired her passion for what she does as a trainer and nutritionist. When I started working with Samantha, I had gained a good bit of weight during graduate school and my nutrition was not of primary concern to me. Samantha was able to set up a wellness program that worked with the demands of my chaotic schedule. Through the lifestyle changes that I have made while working with her, I am more mindful of what and how much I am eating as well as how much I am sleeping. The weight loss has just been a plus! I feel much better and I feel more knowledgeable about my nutritional choices and why I am choosing certain foods over others. Another bonus is that I had a ganglion cyst (which I had for 7 years…it ruptured and I got it surgically removed—both times it came back) when I first started working with Samantha, and after I made some more consistent changes with my nutrition and wellness, the cyst left on its own.  

Samuel M.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Sometimes even trainers or coaches need their own trainer or coach. I was in one of those times, and Samantha was my first choice by far. I have met a lot of people in the industry, and she is one of the most knowledgable trainers/nutritionists out there. When we first started together I had a lot of stuff that needed to be fixed, and in a short amount of time. Her approach worked extremely well for me and I was able to prepare for events I had never done before in a completely new sport, and my body composition improved regardless of the stress I was putting on myself at that time. She truly catered everything to me, and my needs. Most importantly, she taught me how to take better care of myself which is such a blessing. I still bounce ideas off of her, and ask her questions on a regular basis. She is like my own personal Google. If you are looking for a change I highly encourage you to find a good coach, and you should look no further than Samantha.

B. R. Stephen Peer

Ontario, Canada

Samantha Farber is by far, the best personal trainer that I’ve ever had the privilege to work with (I’ve been using personal trainers for over 15 years). Samantha intuitively matches my fitness program to match my needs and my abilities so well that I regularly exceed my own expectations and goals. She knows how far to push me during each session while providing thoughtful support and encouragement. Sam also provides invaluable advice on nutrition and lifestyle that is based on science instead of hype.

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