Prime philosophy  

Revel in what food can do for you and welcome the good vibes.

      A diet lacking consideration of its long-term effects on the body is a waste of time and a detriment to metabolic health. Have you ever started a new diet or exercise regimen and lost weight initially only to gain it all back and then some? This is called the yo-yo effect or weight-cycling, which is inevitable if the diet/program is not maintainable. When you introduce a new diet or exercise, you are providing your body with a new stimulus. Sometimes this stimulus results in a temporary adaptation: weight loss.  Unfortunately for most, the weight loss is halted once the body adapts to its new norm, and eventually, it takes an even more drastic stimulus to force weight loss again. Given the proper diet and exercise regimen, body composition and health improve for the long-haul. 


      Our mental and physical capabilities are inarguably superior to any other species on the planet. The human body is highly complex and just as impressive. In order to have the energy to maintain an optimal level of mental and physical performance, the body requires a lot of fuel-- probably much more than you realize!

      Take this example into account: 

      Picture any room in your house that you frequent. It requires energy and effort on your part to keep it clean. Without consistent effort, the room can easily turn into chaos and some items may even lose their function. For instance, you're less likely to sit down and enjoy a chair when it's covered with clothes. And how much work can you get done at your desk if it's covered in papers and your extended family's holiday greeting cards? Maybe you can use the dining room table instead? Items that once served a specific purpose are either no longer usable or have taken on a new use. The room stays messy, functionality is lost, and the room then requires MORE energy and effort to return it to the desired and organized state. 

      The body is similar is the sense that it takes plenty of energy to just BE-- to sit, to breathe, to think to yourself. Your body is in a constant state of creation, maintenance, and repair. Add your daily routine to the equation and your body is attempting to work at a higher output. One organ gets overworked while another slows down. You start feeling as if there are not enough hours in the day. Any lack of organization serves as this perpetual hole of deterioration that we dig ourselves deeper into, yet we find ourselves in awe of the increasing rate of metabolic disorders, disease, cancer, and death in our society. Your energy levels can be affected by the quality and amount of food you consume, your sleep habits, and your mental stressors to name a few. The goal at Prime is to hone in on these issues and further increase your vitality using food and healthy habits.


      With that being said, your diet should not only be sustainable but should improve your quality of life for the long-term. We live in an era where internet and social media are easily accessible. This means that you probably have a daily news feed consisting of the latest diet and weight loss hacks to scroll through. A new diet trend seems to appear each season beckoning for you to drink this every morning or eat that twice a day to achieve your desired physique. These “fast fixes” are becoming more and more extreme and LESS about something that was once primal for us. Additionally, we fail to consider the possible susceptibility to future health problems and metabolic damage from going about extreme dieting and/or exercise. Although remarkably resilient, the body does an incredible job of telling us when something is awry. We tend to ignore these symptoms attributing them to old age or genetics, when in truth we are not as helpless as it seems. Knowing how and what to eat is fundamental to a healthy metabolism. The goal is to find the root of the issue(s), educate each client as to why he/she is suffering from their unique physical/mental symptoms, and further coach him/her on how to restore health. Samantha believes in using food and lifestyle changes to heal your body at the metabolic level in order to gain long-term, effective results. 


      We all have our own roles and life desires. The pace at which we live our lives has allowed for food to be placed on the back burner, yet we take exhaustive measures elsewhere to achieve what we believe to be health. Your nutrition should be primary as sustenance is an absolute necessity. Food should be viewed as fuel to increase your “performance”, whether it be in the athletic, business, or family/relationship realm. The wrong foods, a lack of or too much physical activity, and stress shift the body towards the overproduction of stress hormones and accelerate the aging process. The right food paired with stress management habits will yield a happier and healthier you.